Tal Silberman

Long Term Investment Customer

Just want to thank you for organising our several mortgages since 1999. In the early days of running our own business, it was quite difficult to show a good enough return to qualify for a mortgage. You showed us the way through the mortgage maize to low doc and even no doc loans. The great thing about your service is that you are only a phone call away and always seem to be available. When things got better and we could show a good return, you showed us the way to lower rate, more flexible and fully featured loans that have saved us quite a bit of money, month-by-month!

You have a unique talent of editing out and deciphering the information from the many lenders into a tailored and easy-to-understand format. Your delivery method comes with customised options that; for my wife and I, instills a position of strength in the information that you pass on. Not many brokers have this gift.

You are about the only mortgage broker I know that, even though we could qualify to borrow enough for another mortgage, you shrewdly assess our situation and advise accordingly. I remember clearly the day you advised that we could borrow $800,000.00 for a property on the Sunshine Coast and you subtly erred us away from it.

By using your services Tal, you have made both my wife and I feel confident and have opened the door on at least three properties for us. We have another coming up soon and please be assured that you are the only mortgage broker on our speed dial and without hesitation we come to you and refer our relatives and friends too.

Keep up the good work Tal, your infectious, approachable integrity is endearing and a quality that truly earmarks a total professional.

John Kulper JP, Managing Partner, Sydney

Construction Loan

Thank you Tal for helping to arrange the finance for the construction of our new home in Dover Heights. After the lengthy time that we had to endure with another broker, we are now more than pleased having switched our loan over and to see you handle our applications with ease and swiftness.

Your knowledge and experience guided us to make a decision on which loan would best suit our needs. We have in fact reduced our overall interest on our loan thanks to your advice. We greatly appreciate your time and effort to make our application smooth and hassle free. The approval was very fast and you constantly kept us informed on the progress of our loan right through until settlement.

We would certainly recommend your services to anyone looking to arrange finance.

Mark and Amy Gerstl, Dover Heights

Home loans

Obtaining an unconditional approval through Tal was the least painful finance processes I've had EVER! He was efficient and ensured I received not just the approval but all additional documents from the bank as well. Thank you Tal.

Lisa Mclean

Community Involvement

Tal, allow me to express our appreciation for your support and contribution at our annual Gala Dinner. The evening was a huge success, both due to the richness of the evenings program as well as the response and participation from guests like yourself.

As a result of generous contributions we were able to provide many services to our Jewish community such as:

  • Festive communal meals over the High Holidays
  • Exceptionally well attended services in Hakoah Club
  • Outstanding Chazzan (Cantor) from Israel to lead all the High Holiday services
  • Children services and activities
  • Holiday food packages to needy members of our community
  • Weekly lectures & programs
  • A new weekly quality program for senior citizens, which includes transport, entertainment, morning tea & lunch
  • Monthly shabbatons for community members in their 20's and 30's.

May our joint efforts continue to serve our wonderful community and ensure its growth and viability. Once again, thank you for your kind support.

Rabbi Yoram Ulman