A Private Mortgage

What is a "Private Mortgage" ?

A Private Mortgage is traditionally funded from private lender instead of a bank or non-bank lender. If your bank or lender has declined to proceed, Moshav Private Funding may be able to offer you a "Private Mortgage".

When assessing a "Private Mortgage" application we primarily look at the underlying being real property in most cases. If there is sufficient equity in the security we lend against the asset rather then the character of the borrower or the credit risk the borrower may pose.

At Moshav Private Funding we offer a Private 1st Mortgage or a Private 2nd Mortgage product for 6 to 12 months.

As with traditional mortgages formal loan documents are signed which include a real property mortgage in every case.

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Moshav Private Funding is a leader in facilitating Private Mortgage products in Australia. We offer a range of first ranking mortgages, second ranking mortgages, caveat mortgages, equitable mortgages and structured junior debt facilities.