Caveat Mortgages

Definition "Caveat Mortgages"

Caveat, the third-person singular present subjunctive of the Latin cavere, means "warning" (or more literally, "let him beware"); it can be shorthand for Latin phrases such as:

Caveat lector, "let the reader beware"
Caveat emptor, "let the buyer beware"
Caveat venditor, "let the seller beware"

A "Caveat Mortgage" is an unregistered mortgage whose existence the lender has alerted the world to by lodging a caveat against the title to the security property.
Registerding a caveat does not create a charge on the land. All a caveat does is put the world on notice that the lender claims he has an unregistered mortgage over the land.The unregister mortgage can however be ineffective for a multitude of reasons, and secure nothing.

In Summary:

Unregistered mortgage = Equitable mortgage
Unregistered mortgage + Caveat = Caveat mortgage
Equitable mortgage + Caveat = Caveat mortgage

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