Junior Debt Solutions

Junior debt fills the gap between what is financeable with senior debt and the amount of equity employed.
As junior debt, ranking behind the senior, junior debt inherently has higher risks and significantly higher returns.
Junior debt is often used where the borrower is either unable or unwilling to raise further equity.

Debt and equity are traditional sources of business finance. By comparison, debt providers take modest risks and expect modest returns. They require security as a condition for advancing funds and rely on safety margins and other checks and balances.

Increasingly, traditional senior debt providers are perceived as having conservative and non-commercial credit policies that do not support some categories of borrowers or advance their aims.
Unsurprisingly, a gap in the funding market has grown between equity funding and senior funding alternatives.

Junior debt, as the name implies, occupies a position along a continuum between traditional debt and equity, combining characteristics of both.

Moshav Private Funding is a market leader in the junior debt market, with the results and experience to manage the risk and ensure substantial returns.