First & Second Ranking Mortgages
Definition "Private Mortgages"

"Private Mortgages" (often referred to as solicitors loans), have been common in Australia for over a century. Via Moshav Financial you have access to a network of solicitors and many individual investors Australia wide – we facilitate funding secured against residential , commercial, rural or specialised property that the institutions (banks, building societies etc.) won’t touch due to restrictions on credit policy or conditions imposed through rating agencies. Registered First Ranking Mortgages are available in all states.

"Second Mortgages" and Caveat Mortgages, or a combination, are available for Properties in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia (Perth Metro only). We offer registered second mortgages or unregistered second mortgages (also known as equitable mortgages). Our "sweet spot for second mortgages is between $200,000 to $400,000 per borrower. Loan amounts greater then $500,000 are available to suitable qualified applicants.

We offer different types of "Mezzanine Construction Funding", with pre-sales, without pre-sales and based on the end value of the construction project. Please refer to our Lending Matrix for details.

Our solicitors are experienced professionals, specialised on Private Mortgage transactions, who will ensure that special attention is given to issues such as the fast processing of priority deeds, discharging outgoing (sometimes hostile) lenders and ensuring accuracy of all security documentation to minimise any delays.

Understanding Mortgages is vital for every professional mortgage investor. Whether an unregistered mortgage or registered mortgage the principal of equity must be considered. - I.e. what is a "Mere Mortgage" ?

"Non-Conforming" loans also known as Low-Doc loans are a relatively new facility offered by mortgage originators (companies that buy money under trust deeds and on-sell to borrowers) wishing to address the self-employed market – those people well able to afford to service a loan but unable to prove it - usually as a result of minimising tax. As a rule these lenders deal only in first mortgages and residential properties. Line of Credit and Construction loans or a combination are also available under this category.

Many of our clients are businessmen who have assets and income but perhaps because of tax minimisation schemes etc. are unable to prove adequate serviceability to banks because their 'financials' bear little or no resemblance to their real cash income.

We do not require taxation returns, cash flows, business plans or budgets, etc. - although cash flows are required for construction loans for progress payment purposes. We do not apply income or gearing ratios when considering mortgage proposals and credit checks are normally only conducted for the purpose of identifying undischarged bankrupts.

Suitable securities include - homes, shops, offices, vacant land, factories, farms - indeed almost any form of 'real property' is acceptable including specialised securities such as service stations, squash courts and cool stores!

We requires that borrowers declare the loan purpose - either a loan under the Credit Act - a consumer loan (house purchase -owner occupied, holiday, consolidate personal loans, vehicle purchases -for personal use etc.) Or if the monies are to used for predominantly business or investment. Please note Private Mortgages are only lent for business or investment purpose loans and NOT on consumer transactions (i.e. for holidays, home renovations or to finance other consumer needs).

For any further questions please contact us by calling our Team at Moshav Financial on 1300 361 883.

Private Mortgage Lending Matrix

At Moshav Financial we offer a varied range of Private Mortgages. We are a market leader in facilitating First Ranking Mortgages, Second Ranking Mortgages and Caveat Mortgages.