Investing into Private Mortgages

Private Mortgages are often referred to as solicitors loans. These type of mortgages have been common in Australia for over a century.

Via Moshav Financial (who acts as facilitator) you have access to a variety of Private Lending transactions. All proposed loan transaction have undergone a strict five step quality control process, but on every transaction it is the lender who will grant final approval for a private loan.

Our investors have benefited from a fast variety of interest returns ranging from 9.25% per annum to 12.00% per calender month. Risk increases with higher returns. If you are interested in investing into Private Mortgages register today

Every loan transaction is different. Here are two sample transactions from our books:

(scenario 1)
Moshav Financial was approached by a borrower to see if we can arrange a Private Loan in the amount of $175,000.00 for a period of six months.

A second ranking (registered) mortgage over a property in Dural was offered as security, together with the usual guarantees.

Moshav Financail made contact with various Private Lenders of our database and was able to secure a loan offer for the borrower.

Interest rate to borrower at 22.50% p.a.
LVR 70%
Moshav Financial's fees 1.00%
Legal fees $1,400.00
6 months term
All interest pre-paid

Moshav Financial prepared the loan documents and forwarded them to the lenders solicitor for review.
The matter settled.

(scenario 2)
Moshav Financial was approached by a broker who needed to arrange a loan for a client who had fallen behind with his current lender and the lender has commenced enforcement proceedings. The borrower wanted a short term loan to refinance the current lender and sell the property in a controlled way.

$440,000.00 was sought by the borrower and his home in Carlingford was offered as security with a first ranking mortgages and guarantees.

Moshav Financial facilitated a new valuation and obtained a loan offer fro the borrower.

Interest rate to borrower at 36.00% per annum
LVR 80%
Moshav Financial's Fee 1.00%
Legal fees $1,550.00
3 months term
$39,000.00 of interest pre-paid by the borrower

The matter has settled.

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