Investment Philosophy

At Moshav Financial, we adhere to a single set of beliefs that we apply consistently- whether in overseeing our individual investment programs or in providing advisory services for our clients. This philosophy is the key to the success of our lending strategies and to the success of our clients. It is a succinct, direct, and long-standing approach.

We base our investing approach on the following beliefs:

A long-term outlook matters. An approach based on short-term goals or tactics doesn’t represent an lending philosophy. The risk of short-term price declines is too significant in the property market to hazard money kept for short-term goals.

Experience matters . A history of successful investing and lending—through good and bad markets and through numerous market cycles—is a tremendous asset for lending managers.

Size counts. For actively managed portfolios, too much money under management can limit flexibility. On the other hand, being large enough to have resources to invest in people, processes, and technology is a minimum requirement for success among lending firms.

Balance and diversification are musts. Being balanced across asset classes and diversified within asset classes are core elements of long-term lending success.

Costs erode returns . Keeping investment costs low, whether they are management fees or transaction costs, provides a major head start toward success. Cost is a predictable factor that investors can control.

Moshav Financial's lending philosophy does not change to reflect the latest trends in the markets—or in marketing. Our approach to investing has endured for a simple reason: It works.