10 Investment Podcasts For Australian Investors

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If you’re interested in learning more about investing, then one helpful thing you can do (other than read Canstar regularly) is subscribe to a good finance podcast.

Often, podcasts can afford to be more in depth than the brief finance segments on TV or radio news, and there’s such a wealth of options it’s likely you’ll find one to suit your interests and needs.

Here’s a list of some quality audio content, tailor-made for Australian investors.

Get started on your investment journey today. 

Aussie Firebug

Run by the anonymous ‘Firebug’ this podcast has a strong focus on attaining financial independence – making enough from your investments that you don’t need to work. The podcast interviews new people each episode who have reached, or are on their way to, financial independence.

What we like about it: Hearing from ordinary people about their journey to financial independence provides a fresh perspective and makes it more relatable.

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My Millennial Money

My Millennial Money is hosted by Glen James, the founder of the sortyourmoneyout.com and John Pidgeon from Solvere Wealth.  In each episode the hosted discuss a different topic related to personal finance, money mindset, or interviews with industry leaders and everyday Australians.

What we like about it: The duo provides an open table conversation style podcast, they are here to teach, encourage and hopefully provide some entertainment which shines through.

The Australian Investors Podcast

The Australian Investors Podcast is hosted by Owen Raszkiewicz, the founder of the Rask Group.  In each episode the presenter interviews a different finance and investment guru, who shares their investment insights and tips.

What we like about it: The guests on the show not only share their investment insights but also their personal story, focussing on how their career developed. This makes for a multi-layered and interesting chat.

Devils and Details

Business Insider’s offering discusses financial news, developments, policy and strategy, both in Australia and overseas. They regularly have finance professionals and key economists on as guests to provide their views and opinions.

What we like about it: A great go-to source for in depth investment news and from such a trusted source, what more could you want?

Equity Mates

Equity Mates is hosted by Bryce and Alec, two young Aussies with a strong interest in finance. They provide an accessible and entertaining introduction to investing.

What we like about it: The presenters neatly breakdown complex and intimidating investment concepts, making it a great podcast for newcomers.

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The Money Cafe

Alan Kohler and James Kirby, from the Australian, record a weekly chat mulling over the week’s financial news. In each episode of The Money Cafe, Alan discusses some of his recent writing from his website with James acting as interviewer.

What we like about it: Kohler and Kirby are two of Australia’s most renowned finance journalists and have worked together for years. So, while listeners will get a good dose of finance news and interesting insights, there is also plenty of banter thrown around making it an entertaining podcast.

The Richards Report

Ted Richards, Director of Business Development at investment services firm Six Park, hosts this podcast, covering the basics of investing.

What we like about it:  Richards has managed to interview some very interesting people, including former Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner and ex-AFL captain Chris Judd.

Your Wealth

NAB’s Gemma Dale hosts this podcast, discussing strategies and tips to build your wealth, with a strong emphasis on investing.

What we like about it: Each week she examines a different topic, from different tools and investment instruments, to the influence of technology, to investing abroad.

These are just a few of the many podcasts covering investing in Australia, let alone the rest of the world, but they should help to get you started. And as always, you can learn more about investing on Canstar’s own Investor Hub.

Michael Yardney’s Podcast

Michael Yardney presents this podcast which focuses predominantly on investment properties but touches on other elements of wealth creation and success.

What we like about it: This twice-weekly podcast offers a deep-dive into all things property in the Australian market. Yardney has been writing on investment properties for nearly a decade and is considered an expert on the topic. It explores the more in-depth questions and complex scenarios around property investment.

Shares For Beginners

A relative newcomer on the podcast scene, Shares for Beginners is hosted by Phil Muscatello, and predominantly focuses on interviewing finance experts.

What we like about it: As its name would suggest, Shares For Beginners is just that; geared towards beginners. It breaks down complicated investment topics and questions and presents them in a way even those totally foreign to investing should be able to understand.