How We Manage Risk

Moshav Financial

A comprehensive risk management program is operated by Moshav. Sources of risk are identified and strategies developed to counter these identified risks. The action which results flows to policy and procedure adjustments throughout Moshav’s operations.

In managing risk to Investors, Moshav operates in accordance with practices and procedures which include:

  • appropriate due diligence during the loan assessment and credit approval process;
  • a board with equal executive and independent board representation;
  • a board credit committee;
  • a Fund compliance plan;
  • an auditor;
  • investment risk management processes; and
  • an anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing program.

All Mortgage Investments in the Fund are assessed on prudent lending criteria and suitability of the secured property.

Investors are placed in a Mortgage Investment which may be residential, commercial, industrial, development/ construction or specialised sectors, predominantly located throughout the eastern states of Australia. Moshav applies both a credit and a security based lending approach to Mortgage Investments.