Our Team


Tal Siberman
Group Managing Director
“No matter how skilled a negotiator you are, your children are always able to outmaneuver you.”

Mr. Silberman lives in the eastern suburbs of Sydney with his wife, and three children and is the founder of Moshav Financial. He holds a Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering with Honours and a Diploma in Financial Services. He credits his success on the core values and methods of thinking developed in his engineering training which have allowed him to grow a loan book in excess of $1Billion. Mr Silberman is also the Chairman of BIR Financial Limited (ASX:BIR), a listed financial services company.
Bao Cheng Luo
Executive Director
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Mr Luo has over 28 years of experience in management, having held managerial posts in various organisations. These include Shanghai Stock Exchange, Chengdu Branch and Chengdu Weian Investment Co., Ltd. Mr Luo was the President of Shenzhen Sunfield Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Currently, he is the President of Shenzhen Webmoney Investment Co., Ltd and, he is also the President of Chendu Xuyang Investment Consulting Co. Ltd.. Mr Luo holds a postgraduate degree in Economics from Sichuan University.


Jack Luo
Operations Director
Mr Luo (Jack) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at Melbourne University. Mr Luo is bilingual and assists with all communications with Chinese operations. He is a truly valued member of the team with fantastic commercial experience.
John Thomas
Responsible Manager AFSL, KSS, FAICD, FIFS, JP
Mr Thomas (JT) holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Melbourne. He is a 7-time-award winning fund manager. Mr Thomas was the Chairman of the Financial Services Council (FSC). Mr Thomas has an enviable record for not having lost one cent of investor funds, even during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). He is responsible for Moshav Financial Wholesale’s mortgage fund.
International Sales Manager
Anthony Bonvino
Mr Bonvino (Tony) has been involved in property finance and property development since 1977. He has been working with the Moshav Group for over 10 years and has experienced working with Moshav as both a client and an associate. He brings invaluable knowledge and hands-on experience to help deliver real solutions to complex property development funding structures to Moshav’s clients. His expertise extends to working through mezzanine structures to successfully conclude projects for all stakeholders. Mr Bonvino (Tony) holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Melbourne.